LA Stay and Play... And How!
My wife and I recently stayed at the LA Stay & Play facility in Los Angeles.   We consider ourselves fortunate to have officially been the facility’s first paying guests.  It is truly a remarkable space and rare opportunity to be able to rent it for your own personal use.  The facility occupies the basement loft of a large, industrial style building in down town LA, which affords the visiting slave an opportunity to wander the parking garage and secret corridor and stairway to the outside alley for the ultimate outdoor thrill (at your own risk of course).  The rest of the building’s tenants are typically not there on weekends making it the perfect isolated getaway.  You are given a remote electronic garage door opener to allow your through the steel rollup door leading to the underground garage.  From the quiet basement garage your appropriately dressed slave in the back seat can walk handcuffed to the dungeon entrance from the parking lot.

Once inside the dungeon, arrayed for your sadistic pleasure is a wide variety of play equipment.  Since our first visit was for one night only, we were able to experience only a few of the many toys available to us. Our slave dressed up in leather corset and boots, worshiped his mistress in the royal throne room while she reclined on the roman style leather couch (she was shall we say, not dressed for public viewing!).

Next the slave was dressed up as a pony boy and strapped down for light cropping on this unique kneeling bondage chair, created in the shape of a fetish-clad man/woman??? Still in need of more serious discipline the slave was then  tethered to the enormous chain spider web…As the evening wore on, the slave spent time in the cage at the foot of his mistress’ ornate 4-poster bed….And then cuffed on the overhead bed reserved for those slaves that are sent off to sleep alone. 

Still for us to try next time,  will be the many slings, the examination chair, the electric hoist and the horizontal fucking machine.
As if it was not enough to have access to all of this wonderful equipment, there were cases filled with serious and devious forms of delicious torment.  There is so much to do here that we recommend that you get the owners’ permission to have another couple join you, as the facility can easily accommodate four people comfortably.
Don’t expect this to be like a high-end hotel room.  It is a mixture of nicely appointed corners set between bare concrete walls that would warm the heart of any Goth lady, with ductwork and pipes all overhead.  But if you have the imagination, this is the place to live out your fantasies.
Our only concern is that this facility is so nice, and so complete in the equipment and details, that guests must be diligent to treat it with the proper respect it is due.  One thoughtless guest, and this scene jewell will be damaged, or perhaps even lost to our community at large.  If you are lucky enough to rent this space, please take good care of it so that it is here next time for you and everyone else to enjoy.
J & N, Northern California