A few complimentary words from friends who've already stayed with us...  

 "We consider ourselves fortunate to have officially been the facility’s first paying guests. This  is truly a remarkable space and a rare opportunity to be able to rent it for your own personal use. MORE...
J & N, Northern California  

"The space is absolutely breathtaking!
If I move to California, can I live there? ;-)"
Rebecca, Fort Lauderdale   www.RebeccasRubberRoom.com

"OMG, what an incredible time I had at your place. The bed looked really comfy, but with all the different play areas and equipment, I never slept. Maybe next time...NAH! lol"
Chinatown Mike, NYC

"I've now had the pleasure of visiting twice. The space is enormous, well appointed, comfortable, and convenient to most everything LA has to offer. The play areas are truly world class."
Tony Mitchell, London  

"I had a wonderful time staying here while visiting America for the first time. So quiet, relaxing and private - way cooler than a hotel.  I hope to stay there again on my next trip to LA."
Xarah von den Vielenregan, Berlin Germany

For the amount of space and total freedom you get here, why would anyone stay in a hotel? This will be my new home on all future trips to LA. Hellsinki, Berlin Germany

We loved staying (and playing constantly!!!)  at your space. Your equipment is utterly amazing. You can play all night long and not wake the neighbors!
Luk & Mai, Montreal www.myspace.com/mai_and_luk